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3 reasons why you did not receive a child tax credit and what to do about it

By on August 12, 2021 0

Some parents experience delays in paying their first child tax credit or incorrect amounts.

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With eligible American families looking for their second payment of the child tax credit on Friday by direct deposit and via the mail, there are still some who are waiting for this first payment. Or if they got a check, it was the wrong amount. And other families with an immigrant spouse said they did not receive their payment due to an IRS problem. If you fall under any of these circumstances, find out how much you should get with our child tax credit calculator.

Another potential problem is that the child tax credit is paid on a monthly basis this year, so the IRS uses the most recent tax return on file. This could be a problem if your family has never filed a tax return or if the tax information is now out of date due to a new child or a change in income. It could also be a simpler problem of the IRS not having your correct banking information. If this is the case, we can show you how to fix it using the IRS Portals, although it may be too late for the August payment.

The IRS Update Portal allows you to check your payment history, verify your eligibility, and opt out of monthly checks if you’re concerned. owe money to the IRS Next year. And beware: to use the portal you may need to create an account if you haven’t already. Keep reading for answers to common child tax credit issues, including if you think you owe leave a trace for a missing payment. We recently updated this story.

My family is eligible, but I didn’t have any money. What happened?

If you are eligible for enhanced credit but have not received your payment, there could be a number of reasons. If you filed your taxes, check the Update the portal to see if the payment arrives by mail. If so, give it several business days to arrive. If you have set up a direct deposit, make sure all the information is correct. Note: If you haven’t set up your bank details yet, you should expect July and August payments to be made in the form of paper checks.

If everything looks okay but you still haven’t received payment, you may need to file a payment record with the IRS. To do this, you will need to complete Form 3911 (PDF) and send it by mail or fax to the IRS. Only do this if it has been at least five days from the scheduled deposit date, or four weeks since payment was mailed by check.

Reasons you haven’t received a child tax credit payment

The problem What has to be done

You did not file a tax return for 2019 or 2020.

Use the IRS Non-Reporting Portal.

Your payment arrives by mail.

Give it time to arrive as it may take several days.

You can’t find any reason why you haven’t received payment.

It may be time to file a payment record with the IRS.

I haven’t filed an income tax return, but my household is eligible for 2021 payments. What can I do?

The IRS uses your 2019 or 2020 tax return to determine eligibility for the child tax credit. If you have not declared taxes, you may still be entitled to advance payments – you will only have to take one extra step. You can use the IRS Non-Filer Portal to sign up for future payments. Otherwise, the IRS may not have the most recent information, especially if you have had a child since then. It’s best to sign up as soon as possible to start receiving payments if you’re eligible.

The IRS portal says I’m not eligible, but the IRS sent me a check. Why?

With the IRS sending millions of child tax credit payments, along with tracking income tax refunds and unemployment tax refund, it is certainly possible that the agency made a mistake. For example, some people who did not qualify for stimulus checks still received a payment.

If you are absolutely certain that you do not qualify for the enhanced child tax credit payments but have still received a payment, you will need to return that money to the IRS. Start by using the IRS Update Portal to unsubscribe from future paymentsthe next deadline for opting out of monthly payments is August 30. This will save you from having to pay back more money when you declare taxes in 2022.

On the other hand, some members of a Reddit forum report that despite the child tax credit portal showing that they are not eligible, that they meet the conditions and that they have received their first payment. We contacted the IRS for more details on this situation.

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How will I know when my child tax credit payment is deposited into my bank account?

In addition to checking the IRS portal to see if it shows that your payment has been issued, you can check your bank account for deposit. According to the White House website, the transactions will contain the name of the company “IRS VERY 310“with a description of”CHILD“and an amount of up to $ 300 per child. Do not confuse this deposit with those on stimulus checks, which appear as”TAXEIP3“when filing. Also, if you are expecting a tax refund, it will show up as”TAX REFERENCE. “

Will I have to reimburse the IRS in 2022 for any child tax credit I receive this year?

If you qualify for the full amount of the child tax credit, you will not have to repay it. However, if you are not eligible for the full amount due to a change in your income or the number of dependents, but you still receive the full amount, you may need to repay this additional money.

The IRS uses what it calls “payment protection,” so if you receive an overpayment but fall below a set income level, you don’t have to pay off an overpayment. Above this income level, you will have to repay some or all of the extra money. Learn more about income levels and how payment protection works.


The next child tax credit check will be paid on August 13.

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Will the enhanced child tax credit ever become permanent?

Currently, the subsidized payments relate to this tax year. This means that after you receive your final payment along with your tax refund in 2022, the child tax credit will revert to its original amount from previous years, which was lower. However, it’s possible that President Joe Biden and Congress will come to an agreement to extend the payments into 2025 – or make the changes permanent. Last week, Biden said he urges Congress to do just that: “I say to my colleagues in Congress: this tax cut for working families is something we should extend, not end, next year.”

While no decision has yet been made, we will keep you posted on the results.

For more information, here is how to withdraw future child tax credit payments. Also, here’s how track your child tax credit payment if you haven’t received it. Not sure you have the right amount? Use CNET Child Tax Credit Calculator to see how much you should get.