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5 amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 features you need to know about

By on March 11, 2021 0

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently the hottest smartphone on the market, selling 10 million units in just the first month of launch. We take a look at the five most important features that make Samsung’s latest flagship one of the smartest mobile phones out there.

1. Gesture in the air and view from the air

Air Gesture is one of the many intuitive, touchless features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that allows you to control the handset even when you can’t touch the display.

Utilizing advanced floating touch technology, Air Gesture allows you to scroll through everything from web pages to emails by simply waving your hand up and down over the screen. This is ideal when your hands are wet or you are wearing gloves.

You can also switch between pages in your web browser by waving sideways, making surfing the web and jumping between tabs a lot easier when you’re on the move.

Another great feature of the Galaxy S4 is Air View, which allows you to view various content such as emails, photos, calendar entries and more by simply hovering over the item.

It’s a great way to quickly preview things without having to open anything. What’s more, it also works great with the cool Flipboard stock app that comes preloaded on the Galaxy S4.

2. Multiple windows

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not only great for multimedia. It’s also great for multitasking, thanks to an excellent feature called Multi Window which allows you to run two apps simultaneously on the large S4 display.

To activate it, just pull down the notification bar at the top and then tap on the expanded list icon in the top right corner. Here you can turn on and off the entire range of Galaxy S4 features, including Multi Window. If the icon is green, it means it is on. If not, just tap and you’re done.

Now press and hold the Back button to bring up the Multi Window toolbar. This allows you to select a number of applications that can be opened side by side. Let’s say if you want to surf the internet and read emails at the same time, just tap the browser icon and then drag the email icon from the toolbar to the bottom of the top of the screen and they both will open simultaneously.

This works in both portrait and landscape orientations. The cool thing is that you can drag the slider in the middle to see more of the screen. You can also flip the screens instantly by tapping the toggle icon, then tap the full screen icon to enlarge it or the close icon to exit.

This is a fantastic feature as it allows you to do more in your time. You can make a video call while checking the presentation.

3. Camera and photography

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not only a 13-megapixel camera. It also comes with an amazing camera app with advanced imaging capabilities.

Among them are a wide range of shooting modes, perfect for almost any situation, such as Sound & Photo, Eraser, Drama, Animated Photo, Dual Camera, Best Face, and Best Photo.

The Sound & Shot function allows you to take a photo along with eight seconds of sound to really preserve those precious moments. So you can take a still picture near the church and have the sound of the bells playing in the background.

Eraser mode is useful when you want to remove an unwanted object from your shot, such as a pesky photo bomber or a moving vehicle. Drama is a burst mode that takes up to 100 shots in four seconds and then combines them into a single frame, allowing you to capture interesting images, such as a cool skateboard movement.

Meanwhile, the Animated Photo mode allows you to take a photo with a movement in it, then by sliding your finger across the image, decide which fragments you want to move.

For example, you can break a few candles and still flicker the flames while the rest of the picture remains static. Then you can save your work as an animated GIF to share with your friends and family.

Another cool feature of the S4 is the dual camera. This combines both the front and rear cameras on the phone to include the photographer in the photo as well. It is great for taking group photos or when traveling alone. You can also drag and resize your portrait in the main photo as you wish.

Best Face and Best Photo are two of our favorite S4 camera modes. They allow you to take several photos in a row and then choose the best of the batch and even choose the best face for each person in the photo. This means that photos are less likely to be damaged by blinking. Even cooler camera app also has 14 built-in filters to give your photos the hipster treatment they deserve.

These include sepia, vignette and fisheye, and allow you to add eye-catching color tones or a vintage look to your photos that can be viewed in real time.

The camera app also includes advanced settings such as white balance, metering, ISO, exposure value, and stabilizer to help you get the most out of your S4 shots.

4. S Translator and optical reader

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone that crosses borders and breaks language barriers.

This is made possible by the excellent S Translator app that comes pre-installed with the Galaxy S4.

Able to translate in real time dozens of widely spoken international languages ​​including French, Spanish and Chinese – S Translator is the perfect companion to help you when traveling abroad.

Whether you’re going on vacation or a business trip, S Translator helps you with these inevitable local language stumbles.

Translating is as easy as typing a word or phrase, which the app will automatically interpret and display in the bottom half of the screen.

To make conversations just as easy, S Translator also offers voice translation, so you can just say what you want to say into the handset and S Translator will speak it for you in the other language.

This is useful in many situations, whether you’re responding to something you don’t understand or even receiving guidance.

What’s really great about S Translator is the fact that it works in tandem with another brilliant Galaxy S4 built-in app called Optical Reader.

This allows you to scan text from a physical source – such as a book or sign – with the S4’s rear-mounted camera and translate it on the spot into another language thanks to integration with S Translator.

The optical reader also scans and translates individual words in real time and provides audio playback of the pronunciation of each word, and even gives you a word definition if you are not exactly sure what it means.

Thanks to the S Translator and the optical reader on board, the Samsung Galaxy S4 really makes communicating and understanding foreign languages ​​a child’s play.

5. Health

Samsung Galaxy S4 is more than just a smartphone. It is also a life companion who cares about your health and well-being.

The key to this is the amazing S Health app on the Galaxy S4, which is specially designed to help you lead a healthy and positive lifestyle.

As a personal trainer in your pocket, S Health tracks your workouts and activities, including every step you take throughout the day to motivate you to reach your daily fitness goals. .

In addition to a wide variety of exercises to help you get in shape, S Health offers a food diary where you record what you eat to make sure you are following a healthy and balanced diet.

It also shows your comfort level based on ambient temperature and humidity thanks to the Galaxy S4’s numerous sensors, including a built-in thermometer.

And with a range of official Samsung accessories that can be purchased separately, S Health can even measure your weight, blood pressure and heart rate.

S Health is just one of the many brilliant features that make the Samsung Galaxy S4 a fantastic smartphone.

Still not convinced? Check out our full Samsung Galaxy S4 video review below to learn more about the handset.