July 2, 2022
  • July 2, 2022

Apple launches the new iPhone SE

By on March 11, 2021 0

After years of speculation, Apple has finally released an updated version of the hugely popular iPhone SE. And with all the best parts from last year’s iPhone, but without the huge price tag, the 2020 edition promises to be a bestseller among discerning smartphone fans around the world.

In fact, the standard 64 GB iPhone SE, available for pre-order now, it will cost just £ 419. So it’s much cheaper than last year’s iPhone 11, which starts at £ 729.

But what’s the new iPhone SE? What features does it have? More importantly, what features is it missing? We’ll take a closer look to find out if the iPhone SE 2020 is too beautiful to be true.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE looks a lot like the iPhone 8. So it has a physical Home button and large bezels (edges) on the top and bottom, giving it a very familiar look, especially for longtime Apple fans and users who haven’t upgraded their phone in in a few years.

But it’s actually a bit of an upgrade to the iPhone 8. While it looks a lot like the 2018 Apple phone, the new iPhone SE comes with the A13 bionic chip found in iPhone 11. Go lightning fast, even if it’s running at the same time. many energy-consuming applications.

It also has a significant camera upgrade. While not exactly a powerhouse with the iPhone 11’s triple lenses, the 12MP SE single-lens camera apparently has a pretty impressive portrait mode and uses machine learning to detect depth and face.

Elsewhere, the physical Home button also functions as a traditional fingerprint scanner, providing simple yet effective security for your smartphone. The phone is IP67 waterproof, which means it should withstand up to 30 minutes in water. So he should survive the hardships of everyday life without any major problems.

How much does the iPhone SE cost?


Here’s the best part, the basic iPhone SE is 64GB and costs £ 419. That’s a great price for a new iPhone, especially when you consider Apple’s next cheapest iPhone, the iPhone 11, starting at £ 729.

If you need more space, 128GB and 256GB versions are also available, and all three will come in black, white and red.

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Ru Bhikha, cell phone expert at Uswitch.com, said: “The original iPhone SE won an army of fans when it landed four years ago, speaking to smartphone users who wanted a cheaper, more compact Apple device.

“Budgets can’t be more tight right now, so the new SE arrives at a convenient time, especially at the attractive price of £ 419.

“The SE is Frankenstein’s monster in a ball gown, eye-catching packaging with the iPhone 8 body and the brain of a more modern device. “Smartphone fans used to gadgets with four or five cameras may not like the thought of dealing with just one 12MP lens, but the setup should be more than adequate for the casual user.

“The return of traditional Touch ID on the Home button could prove popular with those unconvinced by facial recognition and its well-documented quirks.

“Smartphone users, tied to the iOS platform but not prepared to break the bank, are likely to move to the new SE if its predecessor’s popularity is something else.

“The price looks even better when you take into account the annual Apple TV + subscription worth around £ 60.”