June 4, 2021
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Technical Analysis

Must-Have USD Model | Forex action

by on May 26, 2021 0

The US dollar yo-yo on economic data and tapering continues on Monday, in a pattern we’ve already highlighted. EUR and NZD are the strongest currencies of the day, while GBP is the weakest. A trend continues to repeat itself in US dollar trading. Positive headlines on economic data give it a boost, then it...

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The Complete Guide to Volume Meters

by on May 24, 2021 0

Volume indicators are technical tools to assess the bullish and bearish power of a security. Most specifically look at buying pressure versus selling pressure to determine which side controls the price action. Others try to identify the emotions that move security at a particular time. For example, unusually high volume compared to a moving...

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Weekly Forex Forecasts

by on May 23, 2021 0

Start the week of May 24, 2021 with our Forex forecasts focused on major currency pairs here. Publicity EUR / USD The euro initially climbed higher in the weekend trading session, but returned gains above the 1.22 grip. In doing so, the market ended up forming a bit of a shooting star, showing some...

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