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‘Crypto Twitter’ donates $ 800,000 in cryptocurrency to child with leukemia

By on May 15, 2021 0

Well-known figures in the crypto space and hundreds of their subscribers have donated over $ 800,000 in cryptocurrency to a child, known as JO, who recently defeated leukemia. The donations were sent within hours this morning.

A day before, the Twitter account “Dude’s Posting Their [Wins]”had posted a video of the child who was applauded when he returned to school after beating leukemia. It went viral, gaining 50,000 retweets and nearly 500,000 likes.

Shortly thereafter, a pseudonym with the Twitter handle @ Milkman2228 contacted the child’s father and discovered he was having issues with hospital bills. He helped the family set up an Ethereum wallet and shared address to his following Twitter.

Crypto Twitter personality Crypto Cobain quickly encouraged his 347,000 followers to join them and send Ether and Ethereum tokens to JO’s address. (Recently, Cobain and his followers took to obscure Twitch streams and donated large sums of money to the artists who run them, sending $ 200,000 to a guitarist.)

Within hours, hundreds of people had joined in, sending everything from stablecoins to tokens for DeFi projects like Curve DAO and Ruler Protocol. Adam Cochran, Partner at Cinneamhain Ventures, donated 25 ETH and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried donated 12 ETH to the cause. In total, the account received $ 517,000 in ether and $ 292,000 in tokens.

After the donations arrived, JO’s family set up a Twitter account, posting a photo of him. holding a sign which reads: “Thank you Crypto Twitter.” The account then posted a video of him saying, “UpOnly and pump that loomdart.” These are references to Crypto Cobain’s UpOnly podcast and a saying commonly used on Crypto Twitter in relation to market movements.

Cryptocurrency is suitable for donations to charities because anyone who has it can send it to any other address on the same blockchain. They can also do this without revealing their identity, allowing them to donate privately. And because cryptocurrency is borderless, it allows anyone in the world to participate.