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Crypto Watch: Drake, Uber, ElonJet and MORE work to make cryptocurrency popular and accessible

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Crypto Watch is here to bring you the best stories from the past week, focusing on what made the headlines and the most popular. Top stories from the past week include the “Champagne Papi” bet using Bitcoin for Super Bowl LVI, plus the famous “ElonJet” purchase of a Tesla, Uber’s decision to accept crypto payments, and more .

Crypto Watch: Top stories from the past week, all about blockchain

Here are the top stories from the past week, and it’s all focused on popular decentralized coins and blockchain now.

Drake Bets With Bitcoin On Rams Vs Bengals In Super Bowl LVI

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Canadian rapper and hip hop artist, Drake is all about cryptocurrency. His latest ad is betting a massive amount of his Bitcoin collection on the Super Bowl LVI game this Sunday. The “Champagne Papi” and the “Certified Lover Boy” bet $1.3 million on the top cryptocurrency when the St. Louis Rams win the event against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Drake also put up nearly $400,000 for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s touchdown score during the game.

The rapper would receive up to $2.29 million, almost double his stake, when the St. Louis Rams win Super Bowl LVI this Sunday.

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‘ElonJet’ What it is and why it aims to buy a Tesla car

Tesla clarifies that crypto sent outside of Dogecoin will not be returned |  Only DOGE accepted

(Photo: Charlie Deets on Unsplash)

A teenager who followed Elon Musk’s jet in the past is now all about cryptocurrency, naming a company from the blockchain coin he has with “ElonJet” which capitalizes on the name of the CEO. The goal of the coin’s developers is to increase its valuation and soon be massive enough with its market capitalization to buy a Tesla for the teenager.

The teenage hacker who tracked the CEO’s private jet initially demanded $50,000 and a Tesla EV from the hack program, which only offered $5,000 in prizes for his tracker.

ElonJet developers want to spoil the teenage hacker who managed to track the private jet with an electric vehicle from the company because of his accomplishments.

Uber will soon accept crypto payments

Uber's 'wait time' fee even charges passengers with disabilities: Justice Department lawsuit

(Photo: JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Uber is not shutting down in the future to accept cryptocurrency payments for its popular ride-sharing app. However, it still faces a dilemma about its effect on the environment. Yes, this is the company’s current rationale for its use of cryptocurrency for its systems and applications, especially as companies accepting crypto payments are becoming increasingly popular.

The company is only waiting for the cryptocurrency to change its habits and avoid its current energy consumption which is weighing on the planet to make it work.

Nevertheless, the CEO said that Uber is studying the various digital platforms and coins available in the market to move to cryptocurrency payments soon.

However, the announcement did not reveal which coin the company will be investing in when the time comes.

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