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DBRS Morningstar: Shadow Banking Saved By Central Banks During COVID-19 Crisis But Risks Remain

By on May 10, 2021 0

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE) – DBRS, Inc. (DBRS Morningstar) posted a commentary analyzing the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic on shadow banking. In a tense environment, withdrawals, funding difficulties and other disruptions in shadow banks can have a pervasive impact on the markets. Positively, the extraordinary measures taken by central banks to inject liquidity into the markets over the past year have avoided the potentially negative impact on the markets which could have been high to extreme levels without this support.

The main highlights include:

  • With total assets of $ 57 trillion, shadow banks are important players in the global financial system. Collective investment vehicles (VICs), an important component of shadow banking assets, are likely to operate on liquidity. At the onset of the pandemic, funding markets were stressed and demand for liquidity increased, resulting in large outflows from VICs.

  • The extraordinary supportive measures provided by central banks have helped to avoid further withdrawals of funds, ease funding pressures, support credit quality and limit defaults. However, VICs still pose a risk in terms of funding mismatches, investing in longer-dated assets and allowing investor redemptions.

  • The growth of shadow bank assets exceeded that of bank assets in 2019. However, shadow bank assets are expected to decline in times of stress while central bank and bank assets grow. This happened in 1Q20, as central bank and bank balance sheets widened while nonbank assets contracted.

“We see significant risk in shadow banks due to their growing size, lack of strong global regulation and inconsistent reporting / lack of transparency. We know that significant risks shifted from bank balance sheets to non-banks after the financial crisis. The magnitude of this risk is difficult to measure, ”said Man Na Cheung, deputy vice president.

To view the full report, click here: https://www.dbrsmorningstar.com/research/378180/shadow-banking-saved-by-central-banks-in-covid-19-crisis-but-risks-still-remain

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