July 2, 2022
  • July 2, 2022

Fastest broadband access in the UK at Wembley Park

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The advent of ultra-fast services is expected to increase the value of homes in Wembley Park, and one real estate agent already mentions “fiber optic high-speed dedicated broadband” as one of the few benefits of moving to an upscale estate.

Fiber optic supplier Velocity 1 will complete work on a word-class network at Quadrant Court and Forum House. Most of the locals are already using the 100Mb download speed but will now get the chance to update.

Wembley Park resident Carla Durante said: “I used to live in Sydenham Hill in South East London and it was really, very frustrating there and it doesn’t come close to speed here. You can download a movie in just over a minute. “

However, many London locations are still unable to get basic broadband services, and the capital’s slowest street in Brixton is currently 700 times slower than proposed for Wembley Park.

The ultra-fast network that will be used was designed to quickly stream video events at Wembley SSE Arena, but now the technology will benefit nearby homes as well.

Velocity 1 spokesman Phillip Clapperton said: “It’s the perfect solution for tech companies to be headquartered here, but there are also amazing benefits in the country. How many UK homes can get 1 Gb broadband? There are currently 475 homes sold in Wembley Park and all of them will have 1Gb broadband access. ”

Source: Standard

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