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Fazzaco launched an improved version to allow Forex companies to rate and comment on partners

By on May 18, 2021 0

Fazzaco, an innovative B2B forex platform that connects fintech companies with forex brokers, recently revealed that it has upgraded its application, web and mobile browser platforms, allowing companies to post updates, edit product details, leave feedback and rate partners .

The news will strengthen the role of the platform in bringing together financial technology companies and currency brokers.

Commenting on the enhanced version, Peter Emerson, CTO at Fazzaco, said Fazzaco was the solution to the industry’s urgent need for transparency and efficiency in information.

“The launch of the latest version is an important step in the development of Fazzaco. This is a significant addition to Fazzaco’s platform, as we are committed to making the forex industry more transparent and delivering tangible benefits to foreign exchange solution providers, financial technology companies and retailers. brokers. ”

With the aim of alleviating the lack of information and making fintech services and tools accessible to brokers, Fazzaco has created valuable content, including:

● News, reports, press releases, management movements, regulatory framework, CRM services, plugins and trading statistics;

● Neutral ratings, reviews and ratings;

● Listings of over 1,600 companies in 18 categories of the forex industry;

● In-depth and stimulating articles and interviews;

● Comparison and evaluation of products;

● Company pages to post updates;

● Mobile function;

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● 24 × 6 technical support;

● Language support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.

Brokers will have no trouble choosing partners from any category to grow their business thanks to Fazzaco’s ranking list, product rating and unbiased reviews. Verified high quality solution providers will be ranked at the top of the category list with the industry accepted standard disclosed. Professional articles comparing products and services will give brokers insight into making the most appropriate decision. Brokers can also view genuine reviews to testify to the strength of one’s partner.

Forex solution providers will have the ability to edit company pages, publish press, track desirable partner dynamics, and keep abreast of market trend. Listing on Fazzaco’s website will give FinTech companies access to an integrated pool of resources where they can generate leads, find new customers, build brand strength, and solidify business relationships.

Marketing staff and salespeople can run their business from virtually anywhere with the Fazzaco app for Android and iOS, the first of its kind on the market. The well-designed app provides users with timely notifications about signup, ratings, comments, followers, and favorites.

Since its launch in May 2019, Fazzaco has incorporated over 500 liquidity providers, over 300 white label providers, over 200 trading platform providers and over 100 CRM providers in its directory. Over 10,000 comments and 300,000 ratings have been left by over 600,000 subscribers, and all company updates and press releases can be sent to 35,000 readers via Fazzaco’s social networks.

Fazzaco also knows a thing or two about the Chinese forex market, where huge potential remains untapped. Fazzaco has also established close ties with brokers who have already retained Chinese clients such as IC Markets, FXTM, EightCap, TRI, FXCM, Just2Trade and Doo Prime. Its professional translation team can help ambitious brokers and FinTech companies looking for opportunities to enter China.

Companies wishing to develop their activity can connect to the address www.fazzaco.com free or contact [email protected] for more information.

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