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Financing of inheritance disputes – an alternative way of financing inheritance disputes

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In a recent court judgment the applicant in the inheritance case at issue was able to recover the success fee increase that was part of the “no win no fee” agreement she had with her lawyer.

The application was filed under the 1975 Inheritance Act by the daughter of the deceased. She was separated from her father and was unable to work for the past 10 years due to mental health issues.

She was awarded part of the inheritance value after the unsuccessful appeal of the sole beneficiary (the deceased’s wife). In the landmark ruling, this also included a success fee from a contingent fee contract.

People making a claim under the 1975 Act usually do so because they suffer from some kind of financial hardship, so if they are unable to finance the claim, often a ‘no win, no fee’ solution is your only option.

However, the ruling stated that this decision would be made on a case-by-case basis and that the fee could only be reimbursed if there were no other ways to pay the court costs at the outset.

Dicky Davies, Director of Business Development at Tower Street Finance says:

“We provide an alternative method of financing inheritance disputes, and our product – Financing of inheritance disputes – it was designed for people who cannot afford to cover legal costs on their own because the funds are paid off from the property.

“Many of the lawyers we work with say they often see clients with good claims go away because the firm is not prepared to handle contingent banking, so this product is extremely beneficial to both the law firm and its law firm. customers “.

Benefits of financing inheritance disputes:

  • Make quick, easy decisions
  • No checking of the customer’s creditworthiness
  • No assessment costs – the decision is made on the basis of information provided by the attorney at law
  • The agreed grant amount and 100% coverage
  • Interest is only paid on the amount taken on the lawyer loan as it is paid
  • Co-financing is repaid from the inheritance
  • No personal responsibility and no monthly repayments

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This article was submitted for publication by Tower Street Finance under an advertising agreement with Today’s Wills and Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the applicant and not today’s wills and legacy.

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