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  • Finland could become the first EU country to use digital passports and more latest news here

Finland could become the first EU country to use digital passports and more latest news here

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Focus on Finland: Between a country’s young prime minister who is not afraid to dance on the dance floor and numerous innovations, Finland may not be making the headlines of international newspapers every day, but it has spawned many unique practices. We will look at the first trial use of digital passports in the European Union. Finland wants to test a mobile application for identification at the borders before take-off. Travel + leisure

Finland may be the first country in the European Union to experiment with digital passports. The country has notified the EU of its willingness to try out a pilot project on digitizing official documents.

Finland could become the first European country to use digital passports

Several Finnish volunteers flying from Finland to Croatia will take part in the trial. But the project is waiting for approval from the European Commission, the funding body. “We are currently preparing an application for funding for the Commission. The application must be submitted by the end of August. A decision will then be made as to whether the project will be carried out or not, “Mikko Väisänen, a Finnish border guard inspector, told the Finnish newspaper. Helsingin Sanomat.

If approved, the process could start as early as spring 2023.

How do digital white papers work?

In the Finnish digital experiment, the official documents would be digital copies of paper documents. By uploading them to the mobile app, travelers will be able to send their documents to border authorities before traveling. This initiative should save time at border controls and make queues smoother.

Out of concern for privacy, the Finnish border guard said the documents would be deleted at the end of the trip.

Can you see the end of physical passports?

While travelers will be asked to bring their official paper documents with them for the experiment, the goal in the long run is that they no longer have to carry a physical passport, the inspector emphasized. In the future, the documents will no longer be needed. According to the media Euronews“vol[r]Avellers can simply be identified from a photo of their faces as they board a plane or undergo security checks.

“Similar projects already exist in Poland, South Korea and Ukraine. In fact, Ukraine became the first country in the world in 2021 to give digital documents the same legal status as paper. Other designs are being tested in the United Kingdom and the United States.

This story was published by AFP relaxnews

Source and main photo: Phil Mosley / Unsplash

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Finland could become the first EU country to use digital passports and the latest news

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Finland could become the first EU country to use digital passports and more live news

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Finland could become the first EU country to use digital passports and more news today

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