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HSBC Gives £ 110 ‘Giveaway’ and £ 30 in New Banking Offer – Get Extra Cash Now | Personal Finances | Finance

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HSBC is a popular bank, but it is looking to attract even more customers with its latest banking offering – available to new savers. For those who choose to switch to the bank, there is a tempting offer that combines cash and a “gift” that comes in two forms. Brits applying for a new account with HSBC can expect to receive £ 110, along with a £ 30 Uber Eats voucher or the Dining Out gift card.

To claim the reward, individuals will need to open an HSBC Advance account as a new customer and then switch within 30 days.

To apply, Brits must be over 18 and reside in the UK or the European Union.

They must be able to pay at least £ 1,750 per month, or £ 10,500 and more every six months.

Individuals should also benefit from an arranged overdraft of at least £ 1,000, although people do not have to have an overdraft if they do not want it.

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“With our Uber Eats voucher and Dining Out gift card valid for six months after account opening, customers can even use the offer to help celebrate Christmas, if they can wait that long to enjoy it. “

In addition to HSBC’s switch offer, the bank also offers a number of benefits to those who make the switch.

The one percent interest rate available through HSBC’s Regular Saver program is particularly advantageous, saving Britons between £ 25 and £ 250 per month.

Savings on purchases are available on HSBC’s Home and Away Deals website, which has popular offers including discounted movie and theater tickets.

Brits can also choose from the following options if they purchase Select and Cover insurance from the bank:

  • A three-month pastry subscription
  • A key and portfolio tracking system
  • A £ 40 Argos e-gift card

The bank says its insurance program allows its customers to “choose and combine” different types of coverage under a single policy.

However, when it comes to the offer of change, there are certain criteria that are essential to keep in mind in terms of eligibility.

“New” bank customers do not have to hold an HSBC current account on the date on which they decide to open their account.

Likewise, he must not have been a customer from January 1, 2018 to benefit from the offer.

The offer is not available for customers who have opened a first direct account since January 1, 2021.

Customers are required to use the official current account change service to make a complete change within 30 days of opening the account, with a minimum of two direct debits or standing orders.

HSBC says it reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time, and so Britons may wish to act quickly to take advantage of it.

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