July 2, 2022
  • July 2, 2022

Mesa Business offers employees cryptocurrency salaries

By on April 27, 2021 0

Autoline Industries offers employees the option of receiving all or part of their salary in Bitcoin.

Autoline Industries is a Mesa-based manufacturing and distribution company. It is a multi-brand company specializing in aftermarket automotive performance parts and mil-spec components for the defense, aerospace and commercial industries, according to a statement.

“The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously, with the value of Bitcoin increasing at a rapid rate,” Nick Jackson, founder and president of Autoline Industries, said in the statement. “In keeping with the ever-changing market, Autoline is excited to move forward with the use of digital currency to provide an alternative option for employees to receive payments.”

Using a crypto payroll will allow more freedom over funds and faster deposits due to the decentralized ledger that cryptocurrencies are based on. Autoline employees will have the option of allocating some or all of their paychecks in Bitcoin or declining cryptocurrency for fiat currency. Interested employees can sign up immediately to ensure Bitcoin payments will be available in their digital wallets as of the next payroll period, the release said.

The company’s relationship with BlokForge has helped pre-establish Autoline’s involvement in Blockchain technology. BlokForge was founded in 2017 to provide mining equipment and accessories to the end user, the version says.

“Our company strongly believes that Bitcoin and blockchain technology is the future, which is why we have chosen to establish our home in Mesa,” Jackson said in the statement.

Autoline moved into the former Sunkist factory in 2017 after the historic building was rehabilitated due to the city’s innovative approach to technology. East Valley is gradually building a comprehensive portfolio of industries, growing companies in technology, advanced manufacturing, and aerospace and defense. With the support of leaders like Representative Jeff Weninger, the city of Mesa is emerging as a hub of innovation, technological advancements and business opportunities, the statement said.

As a Bitcoin pioneer, Jackson believes the decision to offer cryptocurrency as a valid payment method for employees is “consistent with the progression of Mesa,” he said in the statement.

For more information, visit autolinemfg.com.