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Mowbray explains why Rovers didn’t take loan interest on the midfielder

By on March 9, 2021 0

The move to nine substitutes, five of which can be used, has seen John Buckley appear on every game day this season, the only Rovers player to have achieved the feat.

However, it could also have been an obstacle and block any prospect of a loan for the 21-year-old midfielder.

Buckley has been in the first-team environment since his debut in 2018 and last month signed a new long-term contract with the club he has been with all his life.

He now has 45 appearances for the Rovers, including 18 this season, but only twice as a starter. Indeed, he only managed 10 minutes of action, in two substitute outings, in Rovers’ last eight games since being substituted and then in the win at Middlesbrough.

Buckley has long been touted for a bright future by Mowbray, who preferred to keep the Academy graduate rather than accept the loan offers that were offered to him in recent windows.

While the Rovers preferred their young center-backs on loan, it was different for other outfielders, including Lewis Travis who has become a regular at the first team.

“This is something we discussed with John,” Mowbray said of Buckley’s loan interest.

“It depends on the weather, this season has been so unusual due to the different levels of injuries we’ve had. At times we had nine, 10, 11 injured players.

“It’s been very difficult for players you trust to send them in knowing that you might not see them until the next window knowing that you are battling the number of injuries you have suffered.

“Maybe John could have, and should have, played 20 or 30 games in League One and a lot of League One clubs have asked about John.”

Mowbray says Buckley has impressed in practice, but the decision not to start him often hinges on his confidence in the more experienced midfielder options within his squad.

But the manager says that with patience and time Buckley’s luck will come.

He added: “His playing time is not as much as he would like but at the end of the day he has to compete with men who have been in the game for 10 or 11 years and know what it is about. , and when we ‘When trying to win soccer games it is easier to go for the experience than the boy who can enlighten it and do the unexpected but is inconsistent or finds the physical aspect of some matches a little difficult to manage.

“Right now her career is where it is, he is around her, trains every day with the first team, he is around the players, he knocks on my door sometimes because he is is doing so well in training and he thinks he should play.

“However, it’s my balance, my decision that matters. Do I play Holtby or Johnson, Travis, Trybull, Evans, ahead of John Buckley who does well in some practice sessions and looks like real talent? It’s about ultimately trusting your player decisions.

“John is doing well, he has a new contract thanks to what we see every day and knows he is going to be a top player for this club. He just has to bide his time and see where it takes him. ”