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Pet Sitting Checklist: How To Make Sure Your Pet Is In Good Hands

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Leaving a beloved pet – whether it’s for a few hours or on vacation – is something many pet parents have to face in their lifetimes. In caring for a pet’s guardian, it is important that he knows what to do in an emergency and when vet care may be needed.

That’s where Fursure Launches Pet Sitter Checklist, The Insurance Market, And Launches The First-Of-A-Kind Pet Debit Card To Pay Your Veterinary Bills.

After struggling with a health crisis with her cat Simba while she was a student, CEO and co-founder Katarzyna Dennig she had to make the painful decision to release her pet when the $ 12,000 treatment cost was just more than she could bear. It was this experience that led to the formation of Fursure.

“Every day we are motivated knowing that we can help pet parents in the same disastrous situation by giving them the knowledge and resources they need to make wise financial decisions,” says Dennig.

Since its launch in 2020, Fursure has attracted more than 60,000 pet parents in all 50 states. The Fursure card is growing rapidly and currently supports over 2,300 current accounts since its launch in April this year. They have one mission: to help millions of domestic parents in the United States take the best care of their furry friends.

Fursure Pet Caregiver Checklist

As travel gained momentum after the pandemic, Dennig and her team found that airlines and hotels make traveling with pets more difficult and costly. They began to think about the thousands of animals left in the hands of keepers (estimated to be 185 million animals in America) and what key elements keepers need to know. This is how their Animal Keeper Checklist was born.

  1. Make sure your pet’s insurance policy information is readily available. Most importantly: the name of the insurance company and the pet’s policy number.
  2. Find out how bill payments are handled. It is very important. Some policies pay the vet in full or up to a point. But some will make you pay out of pocket and return the money later – not ideal for your tutor. You can always leave cash in case of emergencies or consider getting one Fursure debit card. Add money to your account so your guardian has it on hand in case of an emergency, and there’s no question of who’s paying the bill.
  3. Leave the name, location and telephone number of your veterinary clinic along with your preferred vet’s name.
  4. Leave information for the nearest ER vet.
  5. A list of local emergency contacts (friends or family who live near a pet sitter or boarding school) and a list of people who can contact you, the pet parent. It is important to enter more than the cell number. Include a landline phone, the number of the person you are traveling with, etc.
  6. Give someone you trust authority to make decisions on your behalf. Don’t waste your precious time.

Animal insurance marketplace

In addition to the checklist, was originally launched as animal insurance marketa free resource that helps pet parents find the right policy for their household from all leading suppliers.

“We make it easy and stress free to find the right pet insurance policy,” says Dennig. “We have modernized the purchasing process and helped thousands of pet parents save time and money, and gave them the confidence to protect their entire family.”

So how does it work? Fursure begins by explaining everything there is to know about pet insurance – i.e. what is and is not covered, what the different terms mean, how providers compare, and what factors are important when purchasing a plan. From there, they will offer personalized recommendations and guidance on the best policy for each client and situation.

“From the outset, we make sure you know how much you will pay the supplier for insurance, help you get your policy, and offer a complete policy management and renewal solution,” says Dennig. “And the best part is that pet parents can use it absolutely for free,” says Dennig.

Pet debit card

Fursure card, the company’s latest offering, which was launched in April 2022, is the first debit card to reward pet parents for the care they provide for their pets. With the card, customers earn 5X points for every $ 1 spent on pet supplies. In addition, you get 1x points for other purchases such as groceries, restaurants, travel and other things.

All points earned with the Fursure Card can be redeemed for all veterinary care – from basic checkups and tooth cleaning to major accidents and illnesses. In addition, customers can take their pets to the vet’s appointment and pay the bill by card, instantly redeeming their points for this transaction.

Requirements to apply for a debit card: 18 years of age or older, U.S. residence and physical address, Social Security Number or tax identification number. The Fursure card is insured by the FDIC for up to $ 250,000 with no annual fees and unlike a credit card such as CareCreditno credit check is required.

“Our mission at Fursure is to give all animals access to the care they need without having to make a financial decision,” says Dennig. “We reward and enable US pet parents to be financially prepared for veterinary costs by introducing our Fursure card.”

Give back

Dennig also notes how many animal rescue organizations have to pay for veterinary bills and support this community through their Vet & Rescue affiliate program. They make donations to partner vets and paramedics for referring new customers, which can then be used for their veterinary spending needs.

“We’re here to support all programs that devote their time every day to saving animals’ lives,” he says on

As more Americans are re-traveling or recognizing the need for daily pet care, it is important to ensure your pets are cared for and prepared for an emergency. Creating a pet checklist and having an insurance plan will go a long way in making sure your furry family members are prepared for emergencies. Getting a debit card dedicated specifically to veterinary bills will also ensure that cost never becomes a factor in caring for your furry family member. Take a quiet trip to Fido or Fifi.