September 28, 2022
  • September 28, 2022

Review of secured Sable 2022 cards

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When you’re new to building credit, it can be hard to know where to start. Secured credit cards make it easy to get started by offering traditional credit card features – credit limit, interest, and sometimes even rewards – but with the added requirement of a security deposit up front.

People with a history of bad credit, bad credit, limited / no credit, or no U.S. citizenship should consider Sable secured card. Cardholders receive up to 2% cash back, and interested applicants do not need a US credit history or Social Security number to apply.

There is also no credit check, so applying for a card won’t affect your credit score (i.e. no tough query on your credit report) and getting approval can be a fairly hassle-free process.

Note to Beginner Lenders: Here’s What You Can Expect From Sable secured card.

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Review of secure Sable cards

Sable secured card

  • Awards

    Earn unlimited 2% cashback on purchases made from Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Uber Eats, and Whole Foods, plus 1% everywhere else

  • Welcome Bonus

    Sable will pay for any money earned at the end of the first year

  • Annual fee

  • Admission APRIL

  • Regular APR

  • Balance Transfer Fee

  • Foreign transaction fee

  • Need a loan


  • Cash back program
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • No annual fee
  • Switch to a traditional credit card four months after opening your account
  • Benefits such as mobile phone protection, car rental insurance, extended warranty protection, zero liability guaranteed, satisfaction guarantee, and price and purchase protection


  • The 2% cashback is limited to purchases made from Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Uber Eats and Whole Foods
  • The low credit limit prevents cardholders from charging expensive items or spending a lot of money

Welcome Bonus

As a welcome bonus, Sable secured card members will receive a dollar for dollar reward at the end of the first year of card membership, which automatically doubles their earnings. So if you earned $ 300 cashback in your first year, Sable will double that amount, leaving you with $ 600 cashback.


Sable secured card members get unlimited 2% cashback on purchases made from Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Uber Eats, and Whole Foods, as well as 1% everywhere else.


In addition to cashback prizes and an annual match, Sable offers benefits when you use a card that you traditionally find with an unsecured credit card. These include protection for your cell phone in the event of theft or damage (including cracked screen), car rental insurance, extended warranty for products purchased with a card, zero liability guaranteed for unauthorized purchases, satisfaction guarantee for most purchases you don’t make you want within 60 days of their purchase, plus price and purchase protection.

According to Sable website, secured cardholders can switch to a conventional credit card 3 times faster than other secured cards, or in as little as four months after opening an account (though not guaranteed). Upgrading to unsecured credit requires paying your credit card bill on time each month, making more than 15 purchases per month (including at least one over $ 250), keeping your credit limit above $ 500 for the last four months, and receiving at least $ 500 per month via direct deposit on yours Sable bank account in the last four months.

Monthly reports to credit bureaus so you can see how effectively you increase your creditworthiness when you act responsibly.

Rates and Charges

this Sable secured card there is no annual fee and no penalty fee for late payment. There is a 2% Foreign Transaction Fee for purchases outside of the US

As with most secured credit cards, new Sable cardholders will need to pay a security deposit up front which becomes their credit limit. For example, making a security deposit of $ 1,000 would mean your credit limit is $ 1,000. There is no minimum deposit required and you can deposit up to $ 10,000. These secured funds are returned when you either reduce your credit limit (the amount returned is equal to the credit limit reduction), switch to an unsecured credit card or close your Sable account.

You must have a Sable Secured Card to remove it Sable bank account to fund your deposit, but the good news is that Sable debit card offers 1% cashback for the same services as a credit card.

The Sable Secured Card charges 10.49% variable APR, which is significantly low compared to other credit cards, although we recommend that you always pay your bill on time and in full to avoid interest and late payment fees entirely. This is even more important with secured credit cards as having a balance eats away at your credit limit or initial deposit. Basically, you would pay interest on a loan you gave yourself to take out the card.

The bottom line

this Sable secured card it makes most sense for those who have no credit history or need to rebuild a damaged credit. Sable gives cardholders the ability to build credit as well as earn money.

An alternative option would be Discover it® secure credit card, which has no annual fee and offers 2% cashback at gas stations and restaurants for total purchases up to $ 1,000 each quarter, followed by 1% thereafter. Additionally, you can automatically get unlimited 1% cashback on all other purchases.

Discover rewards are similar to Sable rewards in that new card members for the first year only will have automatically matched cashback earnings.

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To view the rates and fees for a secure Discover it® credit card, click here.

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