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Revolutionary Cryptocurrency With Strange Bunny Is Ready To Take Crypto Lovers To The Moon

By on October 28, 2021 0

LOS ANGELES, 28 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – The cryptocurrency industry has recently seen a new wave of excitement. The price of several crypto-currencies including Rabbit park, Pancake Bunny, Little Angry Bunny V2, Rewards Bunny, BunnyRocket, and Rocket Bunny have exploded, with some reporting an increase of over 425%.

Elon’s Rabbit sends 3% of each transaction back to token holders in the form of $ ERABBIT, Elon’s Rabbit’s native token. In this way, the rabbit will serve as a source of constant passive income where users will continue to get paid just by keeping the token in their wallet. Elon’s Rabbit charges 2% of each transaction to maintain coin liquidity and ward off liquidity problem. This small tax will help reduce the issue of currency price volatility, which plagues many cryptos in the market. The aggressive marketing and ambitious plans indicated in the project roadmap will be supported by a 5% tax on each transaction. To sum up, Elon’s Rabit distributes the total 10% tax as:

  • 5% towards aggressive marketing and continuous platform development
  • 3% as a reflection for the holders of the coin
  • 2% for maintaining liquidity

Elon’s Rabbit has already been listed on Poocoin, and users can buy it from Pancakeswap, one of the most respected and trusted crypto exchanges on the market.

Hoping to become the next big player in the crypto industry, Elon’s Rabbit plans to expand the platform’s services to include many more facilities, including an NFT Marketplace. Having garnered the massive attention of crypto enthusiasts, NFTs are becoming the center of attention in the industry. As the world views NFTs as a potential way to do business in a safer and more efficient way and many platforms are working to provide NFT services, NFTs will soon become the preferred tool of investors. Rabbit’s NFT Marketplace will be a giant leap towards establishing investor confidence in the platform and enabling users to use their holdings in a meaningful and entertaining way, without converting them to fiat currency, thereby reducing costs. additional costs that would have been incurred by the conversion.

The Elon’s Rabbit project has been audited by DESSERT FINANCE, one of the most respected and trusted brands in crypto security auditing and other financial platforms in the market. The platform is administered by a large community of enthusiastic crypto enthusiasts and a fantastic team of token hype specialists with top notch and effective marketing capabilities. With such a great design, aggressive marketing strategy, and great plans, Elon Rabbit will soon be the next 100x coin and gain massive support from crypto enthusiasts.

All investment strategies and investments carry a risk of loss. Nothing in this article should be construed as investment advice.

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