July 2, 2022
  • July 2, 2022

Samsung reveals the Galaxy Z Fold 2

By on March 11, 2021 0

Samsung Unpacked saw the Korean tech giant unveil its latest Galaxy Note series, but also showed off another phone that will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention – the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

This is obviously an updated version of last year’s Galaxy Fold, complete with a larger display, better camera and a slimmer design. The original Fold was certainly an exciting smartphone, but its delayed release and clear flaws made it more of a collector’s item than a legal mass market launch. Samsung has clearly put a lot of effort into the Z Fold 2 as it looks like it has been improved in almost every way.

One of Fold’s big problems was the small and relatively useless external display on the outside of the phone. Sure, once it closed you could check the time and read the news, but it didn’t really do anything else.

The new Galaxy Z Fold 2 corrects this with a 6.2-inch screen stretching across the entire front of the phone. The unfolded screen is also larger, with a diagonal of 7.6 inches it is even closer to the tablet than its predecessor.

The internal OLED screen also raises the level with a refresh rate of 120Hz for super smooth scrolling.

Another improvement is the shape of the ultra-thin flexible glass for the folding screen which eliminates the plastic screen of the original Fold that was prone to damage and wear.

The new Z Fold is thinner and less clunky than the original device, so it should be easier to handle and carry. Samsung has also refurbished its folding hinge to make it more durable and include a ‘sweeper’ feature that uses flexible fibers to protect the screen by wiping away dust and debris.

Samsung said: “After releasing two foldable devices and hearing user feedback on the most requested updates and new features, Samsung introduces the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with significant innovations that offer users improved enhancements and a unique folding user experience.”

Samsung has not set a release date for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and will instead reveal more details in a separate event on September 1. However, we know that the smartphone will be released in three colors – Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black and the yet undisclosed limited version. Stay tuned for more information.