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Upcoming week: March 21, 2022

by on March 19, 2022 0
Stocks end the week in the spotlight as the S&P 500 sees the light of day. But will this prove to be a bullish trap, given the technical “death crossover” signal, as well as macroeconomic concerns such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict, soaring inflation and tightening the Fed? If you look at the financial markets... Read More

USD/CAD Rebounds After Canadian Inflation Report

by on March 16, 2022 0
USD/CAD has been affected by several factors recently. This pair is affected by the FED, which has gone hawkish since last summer as inflation continues to rise in the US, sending the USD higher, thus having a positive impact on this pair. But, the bullish momentum of this pair ended at the end of... Read More

Mortgage Tips to Consider | Learn more

by on March 14, 2022 0
Buying that first home fuels anxiety. You are making the most important purchase of your life. You are navigating a new world, that of qualifying for a mortgage. Here are some mortgage tips to help this process go more smoothly. Get started with mortgage advice Prepare for your mortgage quest by optimizing your credit... Read More

Debt maturity and central bank hikes loom in Russia

by on March 13, 2022 0
A man walks out of a currency exchange office in Saint Petersburg, Russia, January 26, 2022. REUTERS/Anton Vaganov Join now for FREE unlimited access to Register LONDON, March 11 (Reuters) – The cost of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will become much clearer this week, with a previously unthinkable sovereign default looming, further central... Read More

In line with CBN directive, Nigerian banks expose customers with suspicious dollar transactions – Arise News

by on February 27, 2022 0
In line with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) resolution to end an arbitration regime in the foreign exchange market, some Nigerian banks have started disclosing the identities of customers who allegedly obtained dollars under false pretenses and traded them at a profit price on the parallel market. This comes as the aggregate broad... Read More

Upcoming week: February 28, 2022

by on February 26, 2022 0
It’s been quite a week of volatility as investors reacted to events unfolding in Ukraine and the West’s response in terms of sanctions against Russia. Stocks fell on Monday, rallied on Tuesday, plunged again on Wednesday, then rose sharply on Thursday, before extending those gains on Friday. The final result ? A roller coaster... Read More

Forex movements reflect various factors

by on February 15, 2022 0
Reuters reported that Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said on Tuesday that the central bank‘s offer to buy unlimited government bonds reflected his view that the recent rate hike long-term interest of the country was due to factors unrelated to its economy. “We don’t plan to conduct such an operation frequently. We will... Read More

USDJPY pulls back on news of Russian troops

by on February 14, 2022 0
JPY The pair is trading in the mid-range but off session highs as markets resume movement USDJPY falls below 100 hour MA the USDJPY USD/JPY USD/JPY is the currency pair comprising the United States dollar (symbol $, code USD) and the Japanese yen from Japan (symbol ¥, code JPY). The pair’s rate indicates how... Read More

Can you use a personal loan to buy cryptocurrency?

by on February 10, 2022 0
As cryptocurrencies continue to rise in popularity, more and more people are trying to get into the frenzy of digital currencies. Bitcoin prices were at their all-time highs in November 2021 and while prices have dropped significantly since then due to rising inflation, prices are still high and rising by PLN 44,250. Since these... Read More

How to lower your car payment – Forbes Advisor

by on February 8, 2022 0
Editorial Note: We earn a commission on partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors. Financing a car can be a big financial commitment, averaging hundreds of dollars a month. And with vehicle prices soaring after the Covid-19 pandemic, owning a new car can be expensive.... Read More

S&P 500 rises after Amazon earnings, jobs report

by on February 4, 2022 0
The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite rose on Friday, pushing major stock indexes to weekly gains, after a better-than-expected January jobs report showed the economy continues to grow solidly. The tech-focused Nasdaq Composite jumped 219.19 points, or 1.6%, to end at 14098.01, a day after the index posted its biggest loss since September 2020.... Read More

Liberty Tax introduces banking as a service with “DEEPBLUE ™ Debit”

by on February 1, 2022 0
Leading tax preparer expands financial services for consumers and small businesses HURST, Texas, February 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Tax on freedom, one of North America leading tax settlement companies today announced the commercial launch of theirs DEEPBLUE ™ overdraft facility (DEEPBLUE) Banking-as-a-Service mobile application without credit checking1 or minimum balance requirements. The... Read More

German 10-year bond yield is trading in positive territory

by on January 19, 2022 0
Outgoing Finance Minister and new German Minister Chancellor Olaf Scholz delivers a speech during the handover ceremony with his successor at the German Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin, Germany, December 9, 2021. Tobie Schwarz | Reuters Borrowing costs for the German government continued their ascent on Wednesday, with the benchmark 10-year Bund yield... Read More

The inflation challenge for central banks

by on January 16, 2022 0
idea room There is still considerable uncertainty about the trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the global economy. Inflation has recently increased around the world and many central banks around the world will raise their key rates to stabilize inflation in 2022, says Dr. Murat Ungor. GDP fluctuations to date during... Read More

Empower Review | Ascension

by on January 10, 2022 0
The best benefits Monitors expenses Empower makes it easy to monitor all your expenses in one place. You can link all your bank accounts and credit cards to the application. After linking your account, you can use Empower to view your balance and recent transactions. The app also allows you to adjust your budget,... Read More

Trading support and resistance

by on January 9, 2022 0
Get our trading strategies with our monthly and weekly forecasts of currency pairs to watch using support and resistance for the week of January 10, 2022. Advertising This week I’ll start with my monthly and weekly forecasts for currency pairs to watch. The first part of my prediction is based on our research of... Read More

Capital is not a strategy

by on January 9, 2022 0
Like the rest of the world, entrepreneurs have lived the past twelve years in an unprecedented financial environment. Responding first to the stubborn slow recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, and then to the recession caused by Covid-19, major central banks have supported a series of unconventional initiatives and asset purchase programs collectively known... Read More

FOREX-Dollar Falls After US Jobs Report

by on January 7, 2022 0
(Add details, update prices; change signature, date; previous LONDON) By Chuck Mikolajczak NEW YORK, Jan. 7 (Reuters) – The US dollar edged down against a basket of major currencies on Friday on the heels of December’s jobs report that fell short of expectations. The dollar index weakened after the Labor Department said non-farm payrolls... Read More

Fed rate view clears outlook for European bank stocks

by on January 6, 2022 0
The headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) is seen at sunset in Frankfurt, Germany on January 5, 2022. REUTERS / Kai Pfaffenbach Register now for FREE and unlimited access to Register European bank stocks at their highest for more than three years Bank shares jumped 70% in one year until November 2021... Read More

Rev & Visit Mexico To establish a payment and loyalty partnership for innovation focused on strengthening cross-border commitment to travel | Your money

by on January 6, 2022 0
AUSTIN, TX AND MEXICO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – January 6, 2022 – Today Rêv Worldwide, Inc. (“Rêv”), a global company for innovation in payments and loyalty products, and Visit Mexico, Mexico’s official tourism marketing agency, have announced a multi-year strategic partnership to support cross-border tourism through the use of innovative digital products and services... Read More

Polytrade announces its listing on the Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX

by on January 6, 2022 0
Polytrade finance, a DeFi (decentralized finance) lending platform providing working capital to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) using crypto liquidity, has announced its listing on the popular Indian cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX. “The $ TRADE listing on CoinDCX will provide its 75 lakhs and Indian users with another way to access trading tokens,” he said... Read More

The path of least resistance is lower

by on December 25, 2021 0
Technical signals remain bearish for the euro The euro suffered significant losses against the US dollar in 2021. Although trading was volatile and largely directionless for the first five months of the year, the decline was relentless from June. The exchange rate fell from ~ 1.2250 to ~ 1.1200 as the ECB remained relatively... Read More

Predicting prices for next year

by on December 23, 2021 0
The rising value of Spell’s cryptocurrencies continues in bursts and begins throughout the year. But over the course of the year, this token has grown to nearly $ 2 billion in market capitalization. And during the year, its value increased by over 3,500%. Nevertheless, investors are wondering if there is even more juice left... Read More

Buy now, pay off later loans which will be formally included in your Equifax credit reports

by on December 21, 2021 0
Equifax is the first major credit reference bureau to formalize a standard BNPL payment reporting process. Here’s how that move could impact your personal finances. (iStock) From 2022, Equifax will be there the first company to prepare credit reports To standardize the process of including payment information Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) when calculating... Read More

Stocks fall as hawkish central bank tilt upsets markets

by on December 17, 2021 0
A man wearing a protective mask, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, is reflected on an electronic board displaying stock prices outside a brokerage house in Tokyo, Japan, September 21, 2021. REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon Register now for FREE and unlimited access to Register Stocks slide in all regions, oil prices fall The BoJ takes... Read More

Buy a house | Tacoma Daily Index

by on November 30, 2021 0
By Morf Morford Tacoma Daily Index On the long and steadily growing list of how things have changed over the past couple of years, place real estate at the top of this list. As with all markets, from cars to breakfast cereals, supply chain issues, resource costs, labor shortages and changing consumer demand have... Read More

Central banks are stuck in a “mirror room”

by on November 20, 2021 0
Pharmaceutical companies have patent portfolios, great power navies have aircraft carriers, and central banks have their “canonical” econometric models. Browned and refined over decades, the canonical models (all quite similar to each other) are proof, especially for central bankers themselves, that their decisions are based on a coherent philosophy. The profession does not want... Read More

What is Forex Trading? | The bank rate

by on November 18, 2021 0
Forex trading, or foreign exchange, involves exchanging one currency for another. There may be functional reasons for engaging in forex trading, such as traveling overseas and needing to exchange dollars for the currency of the country you are traveling to, but there may also be financial reasons. or speculative to trade currencies. Here is... Read More

5 best second chance credit cards

by on November 11, 2021 0
nortonrsx / Getty Images / iStockphoto If your credit score is below 580, that puts you in the “bad credit” category – but that doesn’t mean you don’t qualify for a credit card. There are credit cards that can give you a second chance to build or rebuild your credit profile. Although it takes... Read More

How Interest Rates Affect the Forex Market

by on November 8, 2021 0
To become a successful forex trader, you must understand the complex relationship between interest rates and forex trading. Fluctuations in interest rates are the most important factor affecting the forex market. Usually these factors are an indirect response to other economic factors throughout the month. To better understand this, we need to know more... Read More

Why currency volatility could make a comeback

by on October 30, 2021 0
October 30, 2021 FOREIGN-EXCHANGE the markets were once a hotbed of lively speculative activity. But today traders looking for an adrenaline rush should look to assets like cryptocurrencies instead. Barring a brief surge at the start of the pandemic – and isolated events in the Turkish lira – currency markets have been silent. Macro-trading... Read More

How do I get cash from my credit card?

by on October 27, 2021 0
Whether it’s because money is tight or just out of curiosity, consumers sometimes wonder how to get cash from a credit card. You can use a credit card for most purchases, but there are also bills that can only be paid in cash. Most credit card companies allow you to withdraw cash with your... Read More

The 7 Best Seasonal Business Loans For Your Busy Season

by on October 25, 2021 0
While some business owners see steady income throughout the year, others have seasonal businesses that can thrive for a few months, then slow down to almost shutdown the rest of the year. An example is a summer business, such as a business that offers beach toy rentals. Business can explode during the summer months,... Read More

What is Neobank? Neo-banks in 2021

by on October 25, 2021 0
If traditional banks and credit unions seem a bit cumbersome and outdated for your banking needs, consider opening an account with the latest fintech star: neo-banks. These digital darlings of the tech world have a lot to offer… but they’re not the banks you know. Let’s take a closer look at how neobank can... Read More

The only way is to go up: business leaders warn about prices

by on October 21, 2021 0
Adds details on CBI, AutoNation, SouthWestern and Unilever investigation Unilever warns prices will continue to rise next year Randstad says labor shortages will persist for years UK manufacturers have been increasing their prices more and more since 1980 October 21 (Reuters) – For central bankers grappling with whether inflationary pressures are transient, industry leaders... Read More