July 2, 2022
  • July 2, 2022

Talk Only Kosher phone certified by Star-K

By on March 11, 2021 0

Telephone[COMMUNICATED CONTENT] Phones started ringing at Los Angeles-based Kosher Phone Wireless, which launched its state-of-the-art Kosher phone just a month ago. Wired as a call-only telephone that cannot handle SMS or the Internet, the Kosher Phone is the only telephone in America to bear the seal of approval of the main Kashrus agency, Baltimore-based Star-K, chaired by Rabbi Moshe Heinemann.

The phone, the Samsung SGH A157, is a black flip phone that easily displays the Star-K logo on the screen, making it easily recognizable at first glance as a kosher phone. Since its launch, the kosher phone has been warmly welcomed by those who want the convenience of a mobile phone without any of the potential risks involved.

An added bonus of Kosher Phone is that it works on a SIM card, so it can work anywhere in the world. Users of GSM operators can use a kosher phone with their own monthly plan, and Kosher Phone Wireless offers extremely attractive monthly plans, giving users even more flexibility. Among the many popular plans available are the $ 30 monthly plan that offers unlimited calls nationwide, and the $ 50 monthly plan that includes unlimited calls, both nationwide and to landlines and mobiles in Israel, Hong Kong , China, Portugal and Singapore. The $ 50 monthly plan also includes free unlimited calls to landlines in 45 other countries including Canada, Mexico, UK, and India. Both plans are available without sales tax, no contract, no credit check, no activation fee, and your existing phone numbers can be easily transferred to a Kosher phone for free.

Kosher Phone was created by 30-year-old businessman Chad Hage who realized that there is a niche market for phones that does nothing but allow users to make and receive calls. With twelve years of experience in the cell phone industry, Hage spent almost a year researching and developing a call-only phone that could be used around the world.

“The best thing about this phone is that SMS and internet are blocked internally,” explained Hage. “Most other similar phones have these features disabled by the network, and you can call the operator and reverse it. I am a programmer with twelve years of programming experience and I can tell you that an experienced hacker would have a hard time hacking this phone. “

Kosher Phone does not have a camera, Bluetooth function, memory card slot and cannot be connected to a computer. It sells particularly well to parents looking for a practical, inexpensive and safe phone for their kids at summer camp, and with school starting in just a few weeks, Hage expects the popularity of this phone to continue.

“There are kosher phones, but only a few,” said Hage. “None of them were affordable and also useful worldwide. I am very proud to be dealing with Star-K and have their logo on our phone because they are a leader in technology certification and are an organization known worldwide for their research ”.

Kosher Phone is available from www.kosherphonewireless.com for $ 49.99 with free shipping within the continental US. For more information, visit the Kosher Phone Wireless website on the Internet or contact them at 914-752-8073.