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The Smarty mobile network is only launching a 100GB SIM card for £ 15 a month

By on March 11, 2021 0

Smarty, a low-cost cellular network that is powered by Three, launched their best offer – offering a huge 100GB of data per month for just £ 15. For this price, you usually get 50 GB of data, so you can double that now.

All you need to do is choose a SIM-only subscription, pay monthly for data, calls and texts, and your free SIM card will be delivered to you in just two business days. You can even keep your old number.

The plan includes unlimited calls and texts – tethering and personal hotspots are also included, and there are no speed limits.

No credit check is required when registering with Smarty. No minimum contract or long linkage as all plans with Smarty are on a monthly plan – winner.

This offer is valid until May 28, so make better use of it while you can.

Customers can also choose from other big data plans, or those with unmatched value 30 GB subscription for only £ 10, that is, peace with Unlimited plan now £ 20.

They also have amazing data discount plans – where you get a refund for unused data.

So if you have 1GB contract, £ 6 per month and you fail to use all your data, you could get a cashback of up to £ 1 per month.

Their 2GB contract, £ 7 per month can give you cashback of up to £ 2 per month i 3GB plan for £ 8 per month – recover up to 3 pounds.

This is the perfect sim to start with – only for parents who can think of a teenage cell phone deal or keeping in touch with grandparents who don’t need a lot of data.

All of these plans also include unlimited calls and texts, no speed limits, 4G and 3G fast data, and no credit check.

Since the lock took place about a month ago, research has shown that the nation is now using an additional 11GB of mobile data per month. And it wasn’t as shocking as now, more than ever, we rely on our phones to keep in touch with loved ones and friends.

Two out of five (40%) say their phone made their lives much easier during a lockdown. Looking at how additional data is used, it is no surprise that number one of the reasons mentioned is video calling with loved ones (50%), followed by gaming (27%), new online exercise regimens (20%), and learning new skills (16%).

Not to mention the 23% increase in mobile app usage since the lockdown, with Pinterest (38% more used), Google Hangouts and Facebook (both used 35% more), seeing the biggest gains compared to the regulars.

And those of Gen Z admit to using 40 GB or more of additional data each month – TikTok is entirely to blame for that, and we’re not furious about it.

The great thing about Smarty is that the prices are transparent. Customers will receive a huge data package without worrying about high bills or unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

With Smarty, you can stream, post, video calling and fast-forward to your heart’s content.

Smarty, which is powered by Three’s strong and reliable 3G and 4G network, gives you fast speeds for browsing, streaming, gaming, downloading and emailing. The SIM-only network is designed to restore confidence in the cellular industry by doing the right thing.

Smarty was created because there is a better way to do things. Low costs, simple plans, transparent pricing and flexible offers.

Make the most of this amazing offer and more, over at smarty.pl.