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Warrington ranks 32nd in the Best Places to Live in Great Britain ranking

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Now the study has been replicated using 2015 data which not only allows us to get an updated picture of where each statistical region compares to others and to determine the best places to live in the UK, but also allows us to see how things have changed in different places since the 2013 analysis.

Warrington in the North West of England is one of the statistical regions that have fallen in the rankings since 2013, but only by four places. In 2013, it was our 28th best place to live, but according to the 2015 index, it is now 32nd – still in the top third of the table.

Here are some statistics about the quality of life in Warrington in 2015:


The employment situation in this statistical region in 2015 is actually quite good. 78% of Warrington’s residents are employed and 47% work full time. However, 25% of the region’s inhabitants work more than 45 hours a week, which proves a poor work-life balance.


Income is reasonable but not exceptional, with Warrington’s gross weekly income averaging £ 492.70 in 2015. This is much more than rank 31 in Worcestershire and rank 31 in Calderdale and Kirklees.

House prices

House prices are low by general UK standards, and the average house price in Warrington in 2015 was $ 157,000. same as Worcestershire, which sits one seat above Warrington.

Length of life

In Warrington, life expectancy is close to the England average, although lower than some places higher in the table – 78 years for men and 82 years for women. However, this is not always a strong indicator of quality of life as many people move in the course of their lives.

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Costs of living

Food purchases for the average household in Warrington are £ 53 a week, which is low by British standards and in line with the rest of the northwest. Car insurance premiums, however, are high at £ 561.60.

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Other important factors

Warrington is good for people who value technology as part of their quality of life, with 99% cellular signal availability and good broadband speeds averaging 26.1 Mbps.

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Warrington is in the first third of the table, but it has some negatives, such as high car insurance prices, which are worth considering for some people.

More to life than rankings

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Place to Live 2015 – What is the position of your region?

About research

The Uswitch.com study assessed 138 local areas (NUTS3 regions) on 26 factors, including salaries, household disposable income, and the cost of basic commodities, including food bills, fuel costs and energy bills. The study also considered lifestyle considerations such as sunshine hours, working hours and life expectancy to provide a complete picture of the quality of life in each NUTS3 region.

More information on the survey methodology can be found in the full press release.